What to bring and expect

What to bring and expect

What to bring and expect

What to Bring

  • All current Medical and Vision insurance cards

  • All current Eyewear, including non-prescription sunglasses

  • List of Medications

  • List of Allergies to Medications

  • Photo ID

​​​​​​​What to Expect

For your comprehensive eye exam, please expect to be at Noble Vision Center for at least one hour. Also, please expect to be dilated. It is essential to dilate your pupils to ensure that a detailed health assessment is done accurately. Without dilation, there are many eye diseases and conditions that cannot be recognized and diagnosed. After dilation, expect to experience mild blur and light sensitivity for a few hours. While many people feel comfortable enough to drive after dilation, we recommend bringing a family member or friend.

During your visit, a knowledgeable optician will sit with you and discuss your customized lens options and frame design. If you have a current prescription from another doctor, we would love to help you select your frame and lenses at Noble Vision Center. We want to get to know you and your own personal style.

At Noble Vision Center, expect all of your eye care questions and needs to be addressed in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

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