Eye Care Services in Greensburg, PA


​​​​​​​At Noble Vision Center, Dr. Natalie Noble and our entire Greensburg optometry team are committed to providing advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment. As an optometrist in Greensburg, our primary eye care service includes a complete eye exam that analyzes eye health and vision function. In addition to eye exams and vision testing, Dr. Noble and our team of optometry professionals provide testing and management for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, among many other ocular diseases. Our Greensburg team also offers glasses, contact lenses, and pre- and post-operative care.

  • Complete eye examinations for adults and children

  • Emergency visit and walk-ins

  • Contact lens evaluations including bifocal, astigmatism, and specialty contact fittings

  • Keratoconus and Corneal Disease Management

  • Dry Eye Clinic

  • Refractive Surgery and cataract evaluations

  • Vision therapy/ binocular vision evaluations

  • Foreign body removal

  • Myopia Control for Children

  • Diagnostic testing for ocular diseases

    • Fundus Photography

    • Optical Coherence Tomography

    • Visual Field Testing

    • Corneal Topography

    • Dry Eye Diagnostics and Imaging

Our Services
Our Services

Eye Exams

Dr. Noble and the Noble Vision Center team take even routine eye exams very seriously. During a yearly or bi-yearly examination, our Greensburg patients will receive a patient history review, a series of vision and eye tests, assessments of eye focusing and movement, and a thorough eye health evaluation. Our optometrists will discuss any additional testing that may be required to diagnose and treat an eye disease or condition. Call us a today at (724) 302-3700 to schedule an appointment.

Contact Lenses

Not sure that glasses are for you? At Noble Vision Center we specialize in contact lenses. Advances in the field of optometry have produced a variety of different types of contact lenses with a range of benefits. Rigid gas-permeable (RGP), hybrid, scleral, daily-wear soft, extended-wear, extended-wear disposable, contact lenses for myopia control are the various types of contact lens options available today. Our optometrists will discuss the various options with you to determine which type will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Schedule your examination today by calling (724) 302-3700. They are many advantages to consider when determining if contact lenses are right for you and our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions.


Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, commonly referred to as LASIK, is a corrective alternative to glasses or contact lenses for certain patients. Like glasses or contact lenses, LASIK is a method for treating refractive conditions including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. At Noble Vision Center, Dr. Noble provides pre- and post-operative exams for LASIK and other eye procedures. Call (724) 302-3700 today to schedule an examination to see whether you are a candidate for LASIK.

​​​​​​​Myopia Control

As stated by the Institute for Control of Eye Myopia in Children: Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is the eye condition in which objects nearby or a short distance away are clear but objects that are far away are blurred. Caused by the gradual elongation of the eyeball, myopia affects more than a billion people around the world, including 42% of people 12-54 in the United States. Myopia is an issue that can hinder your child's learning and set them back from an early age. Progressive myopia can also lead to thinning of the retina, which can lead to increased risk of eye diseases like retinal detachments. Myopia control describes methods used to slow the progression of myopia. There are four main treatments currently being used to control myopia with varying success. They are:

Atropine Eye Drops - medicine designed to dilate the pupil and relax the focus center; must be used in conjunction with reading glasses in most cases

Distance-Center Multifocal contact lenses - special lenses that have different powers in different zones of the lens to correct vision problems

Orthokeratology ("ortho-k") - specially designed contact lenses that are worn at night to prevent symptoms of myopia during the day

Multifocal eyeglasses - in some specific types of eyes with "Esophoria" adult bifocals or multifocal eyeglasses can help retard progression of myopia

​​​​​​​For more information on myopia control, please call our office or visit


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