The Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams

The Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams

The Benefits of Pediatric Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are recommended for all patients irrespective of their age, including your children. Many people think that taking your child to see your eye doctor is only necessary when you are concerned about their vision and require advice and treatment. However, regular eye exams are just as important as a preventative measure. Your eye doctor will monitor the health and condition of your child’s eyes as well as their vision, and this will enable them to spot any problems that could be developing early on – ensuring treatment is prompt and effective. However, this isn’t the only reason why you should take your child for regular visits. Here are some of the other key benefits of pediatric eye exams.

Your child may not realize that their vision could be better

It is important to remember that what your child sees through their eyes is ‘normal’ to them and if they are particularly young, they may not have the understanding of life experience to realize that their vision is impaired and actually, with help, they could see the world around them a lot more clearly. However, a pediatric eye exam can detect any visual problems that are affecting your child before they realize or can communicate that they are affected, and treatment can rectify the issue early on.

Your child may not be able to tell you that their vision is impaired

Vision problems can occur at any time. Unfortunately, if they happen when your child is very young and their eyesight suddenly becomes negatively affected, you may find that your child doesn’t have the communication skills needed to be able to explain this to you. This could be the physical words to explain how they feel, or the correct language in order to do so. Pediatric eye exams work to detect any developing issues early on before they reach the stage where they become traumatic for your child. Similarly, if your child is experiencing what you believe could be an urgent problem with their vision, but you can’t be sure, a pediatric eye exam could hold the answers you and your child are looking for.

Good vision is essential for educational success

Your child’s education will be something that is vitally important to you, but in order for them to be able to fully access their learning, they need to have the right tools. We aren’t just talking about pencils, rulers, and calculators, but also, clear, comfortable vision. Studies have found that as much as 80% of the learning presented is schools is done through visual learning, making their vision absolutely essential for your child to have a chance at accessing the information needed to reach their full potential. Experts agree that there are some specific visual skills that children need for them to be successful at school. These include:


-       The ability to see clearly at all distances

-       Comfortable focusing which enables them to concentrate on tasks

-       Accurate and comfortable eye teaming skills

-       The complete range of eye movements


These skills are all things that can be checked and assessed when you bring your child for a pediatric eye exam.  

Clear vision is essential for your child’s safety

There are many different things that pose a danger to us, irrespective of our age. Traffic when crossing the road, a hot stove, sharp knives, steep steps, and broken glass are just a few examples. Whilst our other senses do help us to detect and avoid danger, we rely on our vision more than any other to keep us safe. The same is true for your child. Your child needs to be able to see clearly at all distances, anticipate the speed of traffic, have color vision, good perception and peripheral vision and more in order to be as safe as possible in their day to day lives. Pediatric eye exams can ensure that your child has all of the visual skills needed to stay safe.


For more information about pediatric eye exams, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at Nobile Vision Center in Greensburg, PA today.

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