Why Pediatric Eye Exams Are So Important

As kids grow, their eyesight can change frequently and without warning between the ages of six and 18 years. Research suggests that nearly 10 percent of toddlers and 25 percent of school-age children have vision problems. Therefore, it is important to spot the early signs of sight issues, as they can lead to permanent blindness if not treated.

Can Spring Allergies Intensify Dry Eyes?

Allergies can cause itchy and dry eyes. Sometimes, drugs used to treat allergies can also cause dry eyes. When you have dry eyes, you may experience itchiness, redness, and a burning sensation.

What Is Vision Therapy, When and Why Is It Needed?

Vision and learning are closely related. Experts believe that as much as 80 percent of what a child in school learns is the information shown visually. Poor visual skills can impact their ability to succeed academically. If you think your child is limited because of learning-related vision problems, vision therapy may be able to help.

What Causes Macular Degeneration or AMD and Is It Preventable?

Affecting millions of Americans, macular degeneration is one of the most common causes of vision loss. In fact, it causes more vision loss than glaucoma and cataracts combined. At present, there is no treatment for AMD; however, it is preventable.

What Are the Most Common Eye Diseases?

​​​​​​​The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than four million people in the United States (US) who are 40 years old and older suffer from low vision or are legally blind. There are several reasons why a person may suffer from some form of visual impairment. Here are the five most common eye diseases you need to watch out for:

Why Are My Eyes So Dry When I Wake Up in the Morning?

If you notice some dryness and crust in your eyes in the morning, you’re not alone. This is something that everyone experiences. While you’re asleep, the eyes continue to make mucus and tears. Then, considering you don’t blink while asleep, that excess matter, which consists of mucus, dead cells, and oil, forms in the corner of the eyes.

What to expect at a contact lens exam?

​​​​​​​Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses, with many patients choosing to wear contacts fully instead, or to alternate between the two solutions to improve their vision. They eliminate many of the issues experienced by glasses wearers, such as the inability to wear them during sport, problems remembering to take them with them, and maintenance costs when they invariably get dropped or sat on! Whether you usually wear prescription eyewear, or you have just found out that you need visual support for the first time, if you are considering wearing contact lenses, you’ll need to attend a contact lens exam. If this is your first time, here’s what you need to know about what to expect.

5 Common Fall Eye Problems

In the fall, humidity can go away. The days are shorter, and the leaves take on vibrant orange and red colors. When temperatures begin to drop, the Fall is in full swing. Unfortunately, this setting exposes your eyes to dry air, increased allergens, and UV light that may cause eye problems.

What Are the Benefits of Treating Dry Eye With LipiFlow?

Dry eye disease is an uncomfortable, persistent problem for many people. If you are looking for long-lasting relief from dry eyes, read on to learn more about a new revolutionary treatment known as LipiFlow.

What are the different styles of sunglasses?

Sunglasses that are tested and are proven to be effective at blocking out 95-100% UV light are the best tool you have to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. By wearing your sunglasses when you head outside, you can dramatically reduce your risk of developing problems such as corneal sunburn, eye growths and cataracts.

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